Angie’s List Affiliate Program

Every second, thousands of people search the Internet for service providers in their area, only to end up with a lousy experience due to limited information. Angie's List takes the guesswork out of hiring by providing its members with thousands of unbiased ratings and reviews.


Be a part of the solution. Introduce your audience to Angie’s List as the best way to find the best service providers for their everyday needs by participating in the Angie’s List affiliate program on Performance Horizon.


Angie’s List’s affiliate program offers aggressive payouts for new membership sign ups.

  • If you do not already have an existing account on Performance Horizon, we invite you to join Angie’s List here.

  • If you have an existing PH account, please email your Performance Horizon  user name to and we will be happy to fast track your approval.

Become an Angie's List affiliate today and gain access to:

  • Up to 75% commission on membership sign-ups

  • Bonus & promotion incentives

  • Affiliate channel and partnership exclusive discounts and promotions

  • High quality banners and text links

  • Text to use when writing a recommendation or blog content

  • Dedicated Affiliate Management by OAK Digital


Angie's List Affiliate FAQ

Why become an Angie’s List Affiliate?

The Angie’s List Affiliate Program allows you to make money by referring customers to Every time you refer a customer that joins Angie’s List, you earn a commission. We provide you with the banner and/or text links as well as detailed reports on sales from your site. Every month, we’ll send you commissions from all the sales you referred. If you have a website or e-newsletter and want to support Angie’s List, this is a great way to earn significant referral commissions. It’s easy, free and you can get started today!

What do I have to do apply? Is there a fee?

Applying to and participating in the Angie’s List Affiliate Program is FREE.  All you need to do is fill out the application. Once submitted, our team will review your application and send an e-mail indicating its status. If approved, you can access tracking-enabled banner ads and text links to place on your site. There are no fees of any kind and you can cancel at anytime.

How will I receive my commissions?

We process all payments following the end of each month.

How does Angie’s List choose which applications to approve?

Each application will be manually reviewed. To be approved, it must meet the following requirements:

  • All application information must be accurate and verifiable.

  • You must either have a working website that you own, or explain what other methods you will use to promote Angie’s List.

  • Your site cannot contain the following:

  • Adult or mature content

  • References to illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • Violent or hateful content

  • Profanity

  • Anything referencing illegal content or promoting it

Account Managers

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Account Lead

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Account Director


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Account Manager


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