A Fashionism membership enables you to Reward Your Lifestyle.  Members shop the brands that are partnered with Fashionism, and earn up to 15% cash back on their purchases.  The experience takes place on the brand's website, Fashionism tracks the purchase, and pays the member.  Fashionism is the first and only luxury cash back program, where customers are actually paid in cash, to shop.

Fashionism's Goals



Fashionism was interested in driving signups and conversions. Expanding their targeted demographic from ages 30 and up, to include a younger demographic focusing on mid to late 20’s.

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Fashionism was interested in OAK’s partnership with top influencer agency, Socialyte, in order to create content and visibility, driving up both awareness and engagement for Fashionism.

The Approach

In order to increase signups, expand Fashionism’s target demographic, and increase visibility and brand awareness, the OAK Digital team implemented the following approaches.

We worked closely with Socialyte to create an influencer program for Fashionism, this program would ultimately accomplish the following goals:

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  • To begin the integration of top influencers into the Fashionism brand
  • Collaboration with influencers to create a constant feed of content that speaks to Fashionism’s customers
  • Increase Fashionism’s target demographic to include a younger customer base (25-30)
  • Increase signups and sales

OAK Digital reached out to top publishing houses, such as WWD, in order to increase Fashionism’s brand awareness on a national level, we aimed to highlight the company's unique services, features and influencer program.

Their SuCcess

Dedicated Post from Influencer, Susanne Jonsson

Dedicated Post from Influencer, Susanne Jonsson

OAK’s collaborative efforts with Socialyte produced outstanding results for Fashionism.

  • OAK increased sign ups for Fashionism’s online shopping service by 8k monthly and ambassador program
  • Introduced and fostered partnerships with top influencers such as, Lauren Cosenza from Divalicious & Susanne Jonsson from Croptopia.
  • Expanded Fashionism’s demographic to included the younger customer base they were after
  • Increased overall sales

OAK successfully received press mentions for Fashionism with top publications, WWD, Times Square, Internet Retailer, StyleBistro, She Finds and Divalicious


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