Email is still the biggest driver of business revenue.

>> Our team has run email at companies like Aeropostale & KGB Deals. 

>> Set up calendars and execute best-in-class email programs.

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Our Email Marketing Process


  • Identify qualitative goals. 
  • Analyze the current situation.
  • Complete a competitive analysis.
  • Define the target audience.

Set Up

  • Determine which types of e-mail meet our clients’ needs.
  • Develop a content strategy and a frequency and send schedule.


  • Design the e-mail template.
  • Create quantitative goals
  • Compile budget and ROI (define) projections.


  • Evaluate results and strategy accordingly


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Our Case Studies

Angie's List

OAK continues to manage the Angie’s List affiliate program, insuring their sales and partnerships with exciting publishers continue to grow.  The company prides itself on its ability to add value through publisher negotiations and relationships.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday year over year results:

  • 89%: Increase in orders
  • 66%: increase in conversion rate
  • 37%:  Increase in CTR

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Medical Alert

Increased lead volume by 22% within a 3 month period

Decrease customer acquisition cost by 12%

  • The PPC campaign greatly increased Medical Alert’s qualified telephone and email leads by maximizing available budget. OAK Digital’s constant efforts to monitor and increase conversion rates for Medical Alert helped keep them competitive in the marketplace.

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Our Email Marketing services

Our Email Marketing Services include:

Email Audit & Analysis

Launch new email program

Take over existing email efforts


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